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Ohio History Connection is pleased to announce new funding from the Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS) to provide professional development to meet the diverse training needs of organizations engaged as managing partners within our statewide site network. With this funding, we will build a base of knowledge of museum best practices and Ohio History Connection site operations and responsibilities. This training series will provide site management organizations with the knowledge and tools they need to provide stewardship of their collections and buildings, to impactfully share their stories, and to build capacity for a sustainable future.  


In conceptualizing the project, we reviewed and incorporated the best practices of a variety of programs that address the needs of small museums for a grounding in museum best practices. These included the American Association for State and Local History’s StEPs program, the American Alliance of Museum’s (AAM) Continuum of Excellence program, and the International Coalition of Sites of Conscience training program. Ultimately, none of the programs fully met the unique needs of our statewide network of museums and historic sites so a custom-built program seems appropriate.


Training will be delivered via online modules that will include video presentations, readings, and knowledge assessments, along with concluding evaluation materials that will assess module mastery. As you work through the modules, there will be times where the evaluation materials will spark engaging conversations with your co-workers and your board. 


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